Mumbai in a Nutshell

Mumbai, one of the most important metropolitan cities in India, is the economic and entertainment hub of the city. It has an area of 603.4 square kilometres and the 3 sides of the city are surrounded by the Arabian Sea.

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Like every other city, Mumbai has its strengths and its flaws.

Surviving here during the monsoon is difficult. Especially for a Delhiite such as myself. From the moment you set foot out of the plane, you’ll feel the humidity all over your body and your face, unlike in Delhi which is dry as a desert. For someone like me, whose hair, for some reason, decides to be extra unruly in the monsoon, it’s difficult to get used to the weather here. The rains, which last for about four months, that is in June, July, August and September, are as unpredictable as a grasshopper when you don’t really know if it’s going to jump on your face. It’s advisable to carry an umbrella at all times because you won’t know when it might just suddenly rain. Your day might start with a sunny one, but before you’ll realise, the sky will get blanketed by dark grey clouds and the without even so much as a warning with a drizzle, it’ll just pour down hard on you.

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Also, the traffic of Mumbai is horrendous, to be honest. I used to curse Delhi (that’s where I live) for the amount of traffic it houses every single night. But then I experienced the traffic in Mumbai. Now I’m sure Delhi’s is a blessing.

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That being said, here are some strong points of this city. Being one next to the sea is a boon for the people. Driving on the Bandra Worli Sea link feels magical, especially at night with the lights of the buildings next to the water, giving the skyline an enchanting look. The same enchanting feeling continues as you drive on the Marine drive.

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When you’re on the Marine drive, you can see people sitting over the threshold to get a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. You too will probably end up doing the same. Despite it being a little crowded at times, it is a popular tourist spot. People from everywhere including the Mumbaikars come here just to sit and look at the vast stretch of water, find some calm and content, introspect, or spend time with their friends or loved ones.

 Source: Benjamuma's Blog

If you’re sitting on the Marine Drive at night or driving past it, another dazzling view will hit you right in the face. The street lights of the Marine Drive give the illusion of a necklace with the bulbs showing like pearls. For this reason, the Marine Drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace.

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Moreover, the Powai’s Central Avenue in the Hiranandani Gardens is a sight for sore eyes. Unlike other parts of the city and other parts of India, it radiates an aura of a royal, chic, sophisticated area. One can’t help but stop and stare for a few minutes and take it all in.

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Now, earlier I wrote about the atrocious traffic of the city. However, unlike the people in Delhi, who curse and abuse each other whenever it comes to traffic or road rage, people here, surprisingly are very patient, calm and composed.

I don’t really know how that’s possible. It could be the effects of the sea breeze, I think. That, probably, is their medicine for calming their nerves.

Mumbai is beautiful. With its people and well, with the gracious presence of the Arabian Sea.


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